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My passion for the financial industry began as a child growing up in Wyoming.

From saving our chore money in our piggy banks, to opening our first checking and savings account, to investing in our first mutual funds, my parents taught my sister and me how to make money and how to make the money we earned work for us to reach our goals.  

I started my first ‘job’ around the age of 12-years-old, babysitting for neighbors and family friends and mowing lawns that were within walking distance of pushing our lawn mower. 

By the time I was in high school I was working at the local golf course clubhouse during the day and waitressing in the restaurants in the evenings. This worked well with my love of golf since I could go out and play a round before or after work. 

During that time, I also worked at my father’s financial services company a few days a week and that’s where I began to realize my love of entrepreneurship. I knew that owning my own practice and helping others – both with their personal and business finances – was my calling. That’s why I love serving both the Denver and Castle Rock, CO areas, both through community involvement and my financial planning practice. I am also licensed to conduct investment advisory business in Wyoming and Arizona and can assist clients via web conferencing for their convenience.

Knowledge is Power 

Giving my clients the best experience possible and empowering them with everything they need to know is my priority. That’s why I not only completed my Bachelor of Science in Finance and received Masters of Business in Business and Accounting, I also have the ChFC® designation (Chartered Financial Consultant).

As a comprehensive financial planner, my clients know they can come to me with any question, big or small, and I will make sure they understand how the financial planning process works. That level of comfort is crucial in the relationships I cultivate with my clients. Accrue Financial Services is here to educate, empower, and elevate your financial planning experience.

The Initial Meeting

The Initial Meeting

During our initial meeting, I will sit down with you and discuss your values and goals along with any financial fears that you might have. This process will allow me to really get to know you and/or your family. It will also ensure that my services fit your unique needs before you commit to moving forward.

When you leave that meeting, you will have a clear picture of how I work, the steps we will take together, and even a follow-up summary of what we discussed. You will also have all the tools you need to make your decision.

What should you look for in an insurance and financial planning professional? 

  1. Find someone who has a passion for and truly enjoys creating life-long relationships with their clients.
  2. Look for someone who is going to personalize your plan based on your goals.
  3. Make sure this person makes you feel comfortable and really listens to you.
  4. Find someone who is willing to educate you about the process and isn’t just there to sell you products.
  5. Ensure this person can set up choices where future income streams could come from and educate you on how today’s financial products can all work together to reach your goals.

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