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Project Guide

Project Guide

These clients want advice and guidance on specific life and financial events, situation or singular goals. Together we address projects such as:

  • 401(k) rollovers
  • Establishing IRAs
  • Insurance Planning
  • Saving/budgeting

Clients looking to engage a Project Guide have limited financial planning needs. They often have questions about specific issues or products and together we can address each specific need.

The initial review process will determine the scope of the project or questions. The engagement ends once the solution is established or the question is resolved.

Costs related to engaging a Project Guide are quoted on a project or hourly basis.

Collaborative Investor

Collaborative Investor

A Collaborative Investor client wants investment guidance and sees investment management as a way to reach financial goals while also freeing up time. They're looking to delegate the following to a trusted advisor who will align their investments with their values and goals:

  • Investment analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Management

These clients seek only investment management services through a fee-based investment account. Accrue Financial Services will review goals and risk tolerance parameters, as well as maintain all aspects of the investment accounts. We will also provide an annual investment review to ensure the client's goals are still in alignment with the current investment strategy.

Costs are based on asset management and annual minimums.

Collaborative Planner

Collaborative Planner

The client searching for a Collaborative Planner sees total wealth management as the ability to have their financial lives planned in a thoughtful manner, allowing them to focus on the journey. 

We will review, on a quarterly basis, all financial issues relating to:

  • Growth potential
  • Preservation of wealth
  • Distribution of wealth
  • Maintenance of wealth and wishes after death

Choosing to work with a Collaborative Planner means working with a trusted advisor who will develop and execute a plan to guide you through life's events and all the holistic aspects of financial planning.

Management and advising costs are determined by asset and service level, subject to annual minimums.

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